About HyperContainer

HyperContainer is a Hypervisor-agnostic Docker Runtime that allows you to run Docker images on any hypervisor (KVM, Xen, etc.).

Technically speaking,

HyperContainer = Hypervisor + Kernel + Docker Image

By containing applications within separate VM instances and kernel spaces, HyperContainer is able to offer an excellent Hardware-enforced Isolation, which is much needed in multi-tenant environments.

HyperContainer also promises Immutable Infrastructure by eliminating the middle layer of Guest OS, along with the hassle to configure and manage them.

Performance-wise, HyperContainer is super light:

  • Sub-second Boot: milliseconds to launch a HyperContainer
  • Slimmed Footprint: ~28 MB RAM (512MB on AWS EC2)

Since version 0.8, HyperContainer supports Kubernetes CRI (Container Runtime Interface), and has been integrated with kubernetes frakti.