Build from source

Daemon and CLI client:

Clone hyper in GoPath

> cd ${GOPATH}/src
> mkdir -p
> cd
> git clone

And make sure you have go (>= 1.5, 1.7 or later is recommended) and autotools, develop files of libdevmapper, libsqlite3, libvirt-devel then

> cd hyperd
> ./
> ./configure
> make

(If you want to build without Xen support, use configure option --without-xen.)

Then you can get the binaries hyperd daemon and hyperctl CLI tool.

Build Xen from source

Download Xen 4.5.0 or later version, and configure with the following option

> ./configure --with-extra-qemuu-configure-args="--enable-virtfs"

Guest Kernel and Initrd

Clone hyperstart

> git clone hyperstart

And build with autotools

> ./
> ./configure
> make

Then you can find hyper-initrd.img in build directory, together with a pre-build kernel. You can also find the kernel_config in the repo.

Build Qemu

Hyperd could work with vanilla qemu 2.0 or newer, however, we provided our branch with some patches from hyper:

If you build Qemu from source, don't forget enable virtfs (--enable-virtfs) during configuration.

Build Your Own Kernel

You can reference the Hyper kernel configuration.

You can find related configuration items in the config file.