How it works

Hyper has four components:

  • CLI: hyperctl
  • Daemon: hyperd (with REST APIs)
  • Guest Kernel: hyperkernel
  • Guest Init Service: hyperstart

On a physical Linux host:

    [root@user ~:]# hyperctl pull nginx:latest
    [root@user ~:]# hyperctl run nginx:latest

Upon RUN, Hyper launches the Docker images with a new VM instance, instead of Linux containers:

    [root@user ~:]# docker ps
    [root@user ~:]#
    [root@user ~:]# hyperctl list

Internal to the HyperVM, a minimalist Linux kernel, called HyperKernel, is booted. The kernel employs a tiny Init service, called HyperStart to load the Docker images from the host, setup MNT namespace to isolate their filesystems, and launch them.