Besides map a local file to container via volumes, Hyper allows you to insert new files into containers in a HyperVM instance. The content of the inserted file could be specified in Pod or get from a URL. To do this, simply define the files to be attached in files section, and reference the filename in container section:

    "id": "myweb",
    "tty": true,

    "resource": {
        "vcpu": 1,
        "memory": "128"

    "containers" : [{
        "image": "nginx:latest",
        "files":  [{
            "path": "/etc/",
            "filename": "nginx.conf",                      # Reference here
            "perm": "0755"

    "files": [{                                                 # Definition
        "name": "nginx.conf",
        "encoding": "raw",
        "uri": "https://s3.amazonaws/bucket/file.conf",
        "content": ""

The files section is a list of items with the following properties:

  • name: the file name; used in Section 'Containers'

  • encoding: the file encoding; raw or base64. the content will be decoded when base64 is specified

  • uri: fetch the file from this address, could be either a net url such as or local file with file:///

  • content: specify the content of the file

One file can be shared by multiple containers in a Pod with different path and perm. Therefore, any changes to the file content will be visible across the entire Pod.