Version 1.0 (2017-09-28)

In release v1.0.0 of HyperContainer, we introduced several significant updates and fixed many bugs to make runV production ready. The featured updates include:

  • runV Compatibility:
  • New hypervisor architectures support:
    • xenpv driver, with the latest Xen 4.9, we could launch runV with very minimal performance penalty (<5 % in most scenarios) on instance of Google GCE and other IaaS platform;
    • kvmtool driver brings the offical ARM support to runV.
  • Feature update:
    • Pod level portmappings: allow configure port mappings in pod level, and dynamic update port mapping rules;
    • Read-only rootfs: allows runV to launch with read-only rootfs;
    • support vhostuser network card for qemu driver, which enables the low latency network for scenarios such as NFV.
  • Many other feature or test improvements, and many bug fix.

Thanks the contribution from Huawei, ZJU, ARM, Intel, Alibaba, and other individuals.