Version 0.1 (2015-05-25)

First public release of Hyper, shipping with the following features:

Highlight Features

  • Run docker image on kvm hypervisor out of box (only require Qemu 2.0 and Docker 1.5):

    hyper run ubuntu
  • Qboot support: start a complete pod in 350ms, with qemu shipped with distro.
  • Pod Support, run multiple images on one hypervisor.

    hyper run -p examples/multi-container.pod
  • Kubernetes style pod (JSON and YAML) support with

    hyper run -k k8s-pod.json
    hyper run -y -k k8s-pod.yaml
  • Support upgrade with out interrupt apps running on VMs

    kill -HUP <hyperd pid>
    #... update hyperd
    service hyperd start

More details on the web site (