Version 0.3 (2015-07-30)

The 0.3 release brings Hyper to Mac OS X. See the detail updates of Hyper 0.3.

Highlight features

  • Hyper Mac with Pods and Volumes support.
  • New Hypervisor support: VirtualBox 5.0, the widely adopted open source hypervisor runs on Mac OS X and other platforms.
  • New Graph Driver: VDI, layered storage based on VirtualBox differencing VDI image, working like the devicemapper driver. Because the VDI layered images are maintained by a Hyper VM, it is platform indenpendent and works well on Darwin.
  • Image management functions (only for Mac OS X in this version), including pull, push, images, rmi, commit.
  • Support build standard Docker image with Dockerfile.
  • Optimized guest kernel, and could start a Pod in less than 2.5 seconds.

Other improvements

These features are shipped with Mac version, but will be available on the Linux version soon.

  • Support --rm flag for run command, now it can automatically remove a Pod, when finished.
  • Support remove multiple Pod in one rm command line.
  • Many bug fix.

More details on the web site (

VirtualBox is an open source hypervisor by Oracle.