Version 0.5 (2016-02-05)

In version 0.5, Hyper and runV introduced many features, improved stability, and fixed many bugs.

Highlight features

  • Optimized the run command, for example, now you can use -t flag for tty. more flags definition could reference the run command.
  • Support libvirt for pod management, now virsh will show Hyper VMs.
  • Built-in service discovery in Pod
  • New hyper logs command to retrieve container logs
  • Integration with Openstack Cinder (Ceph), Neutron
  • Add storage driver configuration

Other improvements

  • Improve file insert, now you can insert files from either remote or local machine by specifying the URI
  • Hyper CLI now returns the exit value of the process when run or exec exit.
  • Generate default /etc/hosts and /etc/resolv.conf for the user if no hosts or DNS configured.
  • Improve list command, now you can filter the output
  • Support registry mirror and insecure registry options
  • Build RPM packages for CentOS and Fedora with Hyper
  • Add integration test suite
  • Many stability improvements and bug fixes.

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