Version 0.6 (2016-05-35)

Since the 0.6 release, HyperContainer repository changes to hyperd and the command line tools renamed as hyperctl.

In version 0.6, HyperContainer and RunV focused on improving the stability and performance, and fixed many bugs found in the development and operating of Hyper_ Cloud. In the meanwhile, many features were introduced for better user experiences and Docker compatibility.

Highlight features

  • Update the image metadata storage for the compatibility to Docker 1.10+.
  • Support hyperctl load command.
  • Support the user field in container configuration.
  • Reimplemented the STDIO of containers and improved the tty option for running containers.
  • Update Linux kernel to 4.4 and provides some useful kernel modules, such as NetFilter, and users can also add their own kernel modules.

Detail changes are listed in github: HyperContainer Milestone v0.6.0 and RunV Milestone v0.6.0.