Version 0.7 (2016-10-28)

In version 0.7, HyperContainer and RunV supports several new architectures, introduced some new features, and kept improving the stability. Here are some highlight features of the release.


  • More arch supports: s390x, ppc64le, and arm64.
  • VM Template: faster boot performance (130ms) and less memory consumption (save 80MB per pod/VM).
  • Improve gRPC APIs.
  • Improve streaming IO (attach & exec) for containers.
  • Many other fixes and improvements.


  • Support system arch s390x and ppc64le.
  • Support system arch ARM64.
  • Enable VM template for runV and runV-containerd, which improves the boot performance to 130ms and reduces 80MB memory consumption per container.
  • Enable CNI, OVS and improve the networking configurations.
  • Add QoS Control for network interface.
  • Allow one volume to be mounted to multiple mount points of one container.
  • Improve streaming IO for containers.
  • Move dependencies from Godep to vendors.
  • Many other fixes and improvements.