Version 0.8.1 (2017-05-10)

Bug fix:

  • Enable vSock, a communication channel between host and guest.
  • Kubernetes CRI compatibility issues.
  • Container IO stream issues.
  • Fixed the Xen build.

The detail of the issues addressed in 0.8.1 could be found here

Version 0.8 (2017-03-20)

In this release, several significant updates are introduced, such as Kubernetes Container Runtime Interface (CRI) support, OCI images spec support:

  • Feature: Kubernetes CRI support.
  • Feature: OCI Image Spec support (hyperctl save -o nginx.tar -f oci).
  • Interfaces: better GRPC API support.
  • Arch: support ARM64 CPUs with GIC version3, e.g. Cavium ThunderX 64-core CPU.
  • Enhancement: move all the Pod level logic to hyperd, and runV only maintains the sandbox and containers.
  • Enhancement: simplify the model and state machine -- one Pod is one VM.
  • Enhancement: allow add/remove containers to/from a Pod/sandbox.
  • Enhancement: do not stop sandbox without an explicit stop command even if the last container is stopped (To be compatible to Kubernetes CRI).

And many other improvements and updates.